Tech Chat | What is DDNS & how does it benefit CORS management?

With more and more horizontal and vertical industries require high precision positioning & heading via GNSS RTK technology, to set up the base station every time seems time-wasting and coverage-limited. So many governments and companies have started to build CORS networks to solve this issue. CORS is becoming the infrastructure for our life and work.

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Tech Chat | How does CORS work?

The CORS often consists of dozens of or even hundreds of reference stations with wide coverage. It’s hard to maintain each station onsite every day. So how to manage these stations remotely becomes the key point.

The easiest way is to apply for a static IP for each site, but the cost of static IP is very high, and it may not be easy to apply depending on different policies in different countries.

So are there any other cost-effective and simple solutions? The answer is yes, that is DDNS!

What is DDNS?

DDNS, most commonly known as Dynamic DNS, is an automatic method of refreshing a name server.

For CORS station internet are using a standard/consumer-grade internet from a typical ISP (Internet service provider). It will get a temporary IP address that could change the next type when connect or change automatically after some time.

With this dynamic IP, you need to manually change the IP address every time it changes to remote control the CORS station. But with DDNS you don't need to worry about the changes in IP addresses because it will update the IP addresses automatically.

How to use DDNS? 

There are many common DDNS service providers, such as NO-IP (, DYDNS (, etc.

If your CORS receiver supports the DDNS function, then you just need to sign up for the service, fill in the account number, and it will work properly with the Domain your registered on the DDNS service provider.

So the key is whether your CORS receiver supports DDNS function. With this in mind, the newly released SV100 GNSS receiver from SingularXYZ has integrated DDNS function and supports the common DDNS providers on the market.

With this convenient feature, users can easily access SV100 web pages remotely.

Learn more about SV100,

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