SingularXYZ SV100-Series GNSS Receiver Online Launch & Lucky Draw

Shanghai, China, 20:00 GMT+8, September 28, 2022 - SingularXYZ will release the ground-breaking multi-purpose SV100-Series GNSS receiver online via Facebook. SingularXYZ has also prepared great prizes for all participating viewers to thank you for your time and support. 

With the development of high-precision GNSS industry, GNSS positioning technology has been adopted by more and more related industries. To suit a variety of applications, SingularXYZ has designed the SV100 GNSS receiver, which can be easily used as a reference station, portable base station and navigation rover with its powerful performance and versatility. We will explain in detail how the SV100 can help you in your application area during the online launch.

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During the live show, there will be three rounds of lucky draw, SingularXYZ has prepared prizes as follows,


1. The first prize includes one SV100 GNSS receiver and one SA100 GNSS antenna.
2. The $500 voucher can be used with orders that include at least one SV100 GNSS receiver.

SingularXYZ reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.


About SingularXYZ®
SingularXYZ Intelligent Technology Ltd. is focused on high precision GNSS PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) technology, extending its coverage to horizontal and vertical industries, which mainly include geospatial information, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, telecommunications, IoT and etc., providing customers with reliable, stable and professional products, solutions and service.