SingularXYZ SV100 GNSS Receiver Online Launch Concluded & Compensation 

Shanghai, China, September 29, 2022 – SingularXYZ held the online launch of the SV100 GNSS receiver yesterday. Watch the whole playback at

Due to some technical reasons, the online launch of SV100 was broadcast on a new link, causing inconvenience to some viewers. The SingularXYZ team apologises for any inconvenience caused. To compensate viewers who missed the live show and lucky draw, we've prepared some prizes as follows,

In yesterday's online launch, we invited our product manager Harry Sun to share the design concept of the SV100. 

"Well, for this SV100, at first we were only trying to develop an affordable CORS solution. As the fast development of high precision technology, we found there are more and more vertical industries that require high precision positioning information. And we believe the high precision positioning, the CORS network will become an infrastructure, just like the telecom.

So in order to help speed up this process, initially we designed SV100 as an affordable CORS solution.

And this year, we've launched our precision agricultural systems. Some customers have put new demands on us for base stations. They don’t want a simple base station. Instead, they want to build a CORS station themselves, but sometimes they need to bring the base station to other sites. So it's a combination for both reference station and portable base.

At the same time, some clients of machine control told us, they want a very rugged GNSS sensor for both positioning and heading information.

So on the basis of our original idea, coupled with the real needs from customers, the SV100 was born."

The live show of SV100 also introduced the specific features of SV100 around these three application directions of reference station, portable base and navigation rover, and extended to more abundant application industries. For more details about SV100, please refer to the playback of the live broadcast or our last news about the SV100 release.

Live playback:
SV100 Release News: 

During the live broadcast, users actively participated in the interactive Q&A session and gained a deep understanding of how the SV100 GNSS receiver can help us in our lives and work. At the same time, SingularXYZ also carried out three rounds of lucky draws, expressing sincere thanks to users for their support.

SV100 GNSS receiver is online at SingularXYZ official website and is available now. Contact your local SingularXYZ distributor or contact us directly to get your ones. 

Find out more details about SV100 at


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