SingularXYZ Week Sale – Buy & Get Extra Free

2022 is coming to an end, and SingularXYZ has prepared great deals for our users to thank everyone for their support in the past year. Buy & Get Extra Free, see details below.

Event Time

November 28th – December 11th, 2022

Event Rules

Y1 GNSS Receiver

Buy Get Extra Free
2 units 1 SingularPad Permanent License + 1 Type-C OTG USB
5 units 1 SC100 Data Collector
10 units 1 SV100 GNSS Receiver or 1 Y1 GNSS Receiver

SAgro100 Automated Steering System

Buy Get Extra Free
1 set 1 Spline Sleeve + 1 Camera
3 sets 1 D1-D or D1-L External Datalink
10 sets 1 SV100 GNSS Receiver or 1 Y1 GNSS Receiver
Buy Get Extra Free

SV100 GNSS Receiver *1

SA100 GNSS Antenna *1

Any SingularXYZ Products Lucky Bag


1. The gifted products cannot be repeated.
2. During the event, each order with any SingularXYZ products will be given a lucky bag.

E.g. If a user places an order for 10 sets of SAgro100 systems during the event, he/she can choose to get free:

  • 1 SV100 GNSS receiver and a lucky bag.
  • 1 Y1 GNSS receiver and a lucky bag.
  • 1 spline sleeve, 1 camera, 3 D1-D/D1-L external datalinks and a lucky bag.
  • 10 spline sleeves, 10 cameras and a lucky bag.

Ways of Participation

During the event, contact us to submit the following information to participate.

  • Personal Information: Name, country, phone, email and company.
  • Order Information: Required products and gift options.

Contact Details

  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Tel: +86-21-60835489


SingularXYZ reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.


About SingularXYZ®

SingularXYZ Intelligent Technology Ltd. is focused on high precision GNSS PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) technology, extending its coverage to horizontal and vertical industries, which mainly include geospatial information, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, telecommunications, IoT and etc., providing customers with reliable, stable and professional products, solutions and service.