Better User Experience – SingularXYZ Announced Upgrades of Y1 GNSS Receiver & P1 GNSS Receiver

Shanghai, China, February 8th, 2023 – SingularXYZ announced upgrades of Y1 GNSS receiver and P1 GNSS receiver on the signal tracking and 4G aspects respectively, in order to provide better user experience to our worldwide users.

Considering different using scenarios around the world, including some harsh environments, SingularXYZ team is constantly striving to improve its signal tracking capability and RTK algorithm, in order to provide users with faster RTK fixed speed and more reliable RTK fixation solutions.

  • Upgraded with 1598 channels, Y1 GNSS receiver is able to track full-constellation and frequency including GLONASS L3.
  • Optimized with more advanced RTK algorithm, the new version of Y1 shows faster RTK initialization time and reliable RTK solution.
  • Added CMR+ format, Y1 is now compatible with RTCM 2.x, 3.x, CMR, CMR+ correction data formats for different base stations and CORS.

For the wearable P1 GNSS receiver, with more and more users and application directions, SingularXYZ has made the following upgrades to meet the compatibility and user needs of various regions.

  • Upgraded 4G module supports more frequency bands and is compatible with most APN providers in the world.
  • Larger battery capacity of 3050mAh provides up to 14 hours of working time at the construction site.

The upgraded new version of P1 GNSS receiver and P1 GNSS receiver are available now. Learn more about the products.


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