Satisfy Your Wireless Data Transmission Demands – SingularXYZ Launched NEW DM20 & DM20-L Datalink Modules

Shanghai, China, February 9th, 2023 – Today SingularXYZ officially launched the release of the DM20 datalink module and DM20-L datalink module, offering superior and reliable wireless data communication ways for wide system integrators and developers.

Made for wireless data communication, the first thing that comes into mind is the transmission performance. Both DM20 and DM20-L modules show high receiving sensitivity, low error rate and strong anti-interference ability, aiming to provide stable real-time data transmission in any environment.

What distinguished these two models is that the DM20-L datalink module focuses more on the working range, while the DM20 datalink module focuses more on the compatibility with other terminals.

Adapted with LoRa (Long Range) protocol, the DM20-L can reach more than 10km working range while keeping the transmitting power at 2W and the receiving power at 0.2W. The ultralong working range brings more possibilities for wider applications.

In order to achieve high compatibility of DM20, it supports mainstream protocols on the market, including TRIMTALK, TRIMMK3 TT450S, TRANSEOT, etc. The common 410-470 MHz frequency range and 12.5 kHz channel spacing can also be well compatible with other terminals.

For the convenience of system integrators and developers, both DM20 and DM20-L datalink modules features surface-mounted design, 33×26.5×3.5mm small size, low power and good electromagnetic compatibility, which are suitable for wide GNSS-related applications, such as land surveying, precise agriculture, IOT and other unmanned systems.​

The new DM20 and DM20-L datalink modules are online at SingularXYZ official website and are available now. Contact your local SingularXYZ distributor or contact us directly to get your ones. 

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