Make Your GNSS Solution Development Easier – SingularXYZ Launched NEW DK100 Development Kit

Shanghai, China, February 23nd, 2023 – Today SingularXYZ officially launched the release of the multi-functional DK100 development kit, providing great convenience and unlimited possibilities for your GNSS related development integration.

As a GNSS related development kit, DK100 shows strong capabilities and great flexibility in GNSS performance. Selectable single-antenna and dual-antenna modules, full-constellation tracking and centimeter-level positioning meet any of your needs.

For a ready-to-use development kit, the DK100 is designed with a focus on how to simplify your integration efforts and increase compatibility with a wide variety of applications. DK100 reserves standard adapter board interfaces to connect different GNSS modules and radio modules according to your specific demands. Coupled with 4G module, WiFi/Bluetooth/Ethernet modules, large memory and status indicators on a single PCBA, the DK100 provides most of the functions you need. 

In addition to hardware support, the DK100 comes with a clean and comprehensive web page for easier and more intuitive configuration. Through Ethernet/WiFi access, users can directly monitor device status and configure working mode and data transmission settings on the page.

With the increasing application of high-precision positioning and navigation, the centimeter-level DK100 can be integrated in a wide range of horizontal and vertical applications, such as CORS construction, precision agriculture, construction machinery, smart navigation, monitoring, robotics and unmanned systems, etc. Users can develop their own various systems with confidence and ease.

The new DK100 development kits are online at SingularXYZ official website and are available now. Contact your local SingularXYZ distributor or contact us directly to get your ones. 

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