An Entry-Level Network RTK Rover with Professional Performance – SingularXYZ Launched NEW Sfaira One GNSS Receiver

Shanghai, China, April 20th, 2023 – Today SingularXYZ officially launched the Sfaira One GNSS Receiver with ultra-portable size and centimeter accuracy, providing general users with an entry-level network RTK rover without cost and technical threshold.

Ultra-Portable Appearance 

To make the Sfaira One available for general users, the first thing is to release it from the bulky and heavy instrument case. With Φ50mm×149 mm ultra-portable size and lightweight, users can easily put it in your cloth pocket, briefcase or backpack side pocket, carrying it with you anywhere.

An Entry-Level RTK: 3-Step To Get Started 

As high-precision GNSS technology is becoming more and more closely related to people's daily life, high-precision GNSS equipment should not be limited to professional users. 

Designed as an entry-level RTK, the Sfaira One shows simple operation for all kinds of users and brings great convenience for professional surveyors. User can start surveying in only 3 steps:

Connect Sfaira One with your phone via Bluetooth >> Login your CORS account >> Start surveying.

Without Sacrificing on GNSS Performance

To ensure superior GNSS performance in all application scenarios, the Sfaira One is equipped with a powerful GNSS module with 1408 channels for simultaneously tracking GNSS signals from GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, providing centimeter-level positioning accuracy.

With advanced RTK and anti-interference algorithm, users can measure freely under the trees, near the buildings or any harsh environments.

Smooth Surveying Experience 

In order to further improve user experience, the SingularXYZ team has made great efforts in several aspects. 

  • IP65 dustproof and waterproof helps keep the device safe in all weather conditions outdoors.
  • 4800mAh battery with 16 hours working time and type-C interface that can be charged on-the-go with power bank.
  • Android field surveying software SingularSurv/SingularPad for your selection.

The Sfaira One GNSS receivers are online at SingularXYZ official website and are available now. Contact your local SingularXYZ distributor or contact us directly to get your ones. 

Find out more details about Sfaira One GNSS receivers at 


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