SingularXYZ First Showcase at Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo 2023

Shanghai, China, May 10th – 13th, 2023 – SingularXYZ made its debut at the Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Disaster Reduction and Rescue Expo 2023 (hereinafter referred to as Emergency Expo 2023), which focuses on the theme of "promoting high-level safety escort and high-quality development". More than 600 exhibitors displayed cutting-edge products and solutions around application directions such as emergency management, disaster survey, smart fire protection, emergency rescue, mine safety, and smart cities, etc., which attracted about 50,000 visitors from related industries within three days.

Committed to applying high-precision GNSS PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) technology to all walks of life, SingularXYZ team has also dabbled in the field of emergency rescue. In the Emergency Expo 2023, SingularXYZ has prepared wearable high-precision equipment, disaster monitoring solutions, personnel positioning for construction safety solutions, receiving positive feedback from the audience at the exhibition.

Based on the advanced algorithm processing of GNSS data, the SingularXYZ SV100 receiver can be used for terrain displacement monitoring, such as landslide monitoring, mine monitoring, etc. Or for building deformation monitoring, such as high-rise building monitoring, bridge monitoring, dam monitoring, etc. Providing 24/7 real-time millimeter-level monitoring and disaster warning, the SV100 guarantees the safety of people's lives and property.

For the real-time positioning of rescuers and construction safety, SingularXYZ provides wearable high-precision solutions, which can return personnel location information in real time, realize functions such as electronic fences in dangerous areas, and ensure personnel safety.

At the exhibition, SingularXYZ has caught a vast number of users’ attention for the cutting-edge products and comprehensive solutions. SingularXYZ team always insists on making people's lives safer, smarter and better through high-precision GNSS technology.

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About SingularXYZ®

SingularXYZ Intelligent Technology Ltd. is focused on high precision GNSS PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) technology, extending its coverage to horizontal and vertical industries, which mainly include geospatial information, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, telecommunications, IoT and etc., providing customers with reliable, stable and professional products, solutions and service.