Sfaira ONE Free Trial Drift Bottle Adventure - Discover the Cutting-Edge in Surveying

Since the release of Sfaira ONE earlier this year, it has garnered significant attention and interest from a wide range of users. As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support and also to enhance product quality and user experience, we are excited to announce this amazing event - Sfaira ONE Free Trial Drift Bottle Adventure. We plan to prepare 10 units of the Sfaira ONE Network Rover (USD 1,290.00 per unit) to deliver and transfer between global users for product review.

Who Should Join? 

Whether you're a seasoned professional surveyor or an enthusiastic GNSS positioning technology fan, we cordially invite you to participate in the Sfaira ONE product review and dive into the world of cutting-edge surveying.

How to Participate 

Step 1: Follow us on Social Media
- Follow our social media channel @SingularXYZ-Geospatial

Step 2: Register Now
- Click the link below to access the registration form.
Sfaira ONE Product Review Application Form

Step 3: Get Your Demo Kit
- Once your application is processed, you will receive a demo Sfaira ONE kit upon signing a trial agreement.

Step 4: Pass the drift bottle
- After a half-month free trial, write down your trial experience in the notebook. Contact Singular XYZ for the address to send the Sfaira ONE and notebook to the next participant.

Step 5: Share Your Experience
- Take a picture or video with Sfaira ONE in front of your local landmark and share it with your review experience on social media using the hashtag #SfairaONEBottle in the form of Pictures with Text or Videos with Text.


Q1: Is there any fee for the drift bottle product review event?
- No, it's a free trial.

Q2: How long can I try it?
- The free trial lasts for 10 - 15 days from the date of receiving the Sfaira ONE.

Extra Benefits 

Share your review experience on social media in the form of articles or videos. After official approval from SingularXYZ team, you will be rewarded with a $60-value SingularXYZ backpack or mystery package.

How to get Extra Benefits?

Within ONE week after the end of the trial, write about the experience of using Sfaira ONE (200 words or more), or take a video of your surveying life with Sfaira ONE (15 seconds or more), and send it to or share it on Facebook or Tiktok.

Tips: Video entries have a better chance of winning.

Event Time 

October 23, - December 30, 2023

More Details 

For additional information, you can search and join our Facebook group - SingularXYZ GNSS Tips & Experience Sharing to consult specific rules and unlock more surveying tips and online highlights.


SingularXYZ reserves the right to interpret and make final decisions regarding this event.

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