Tech Chat | What is Datums? - A Practical Insight for Surveyors

Understanding the essence of geodetic datums is not just a theoretical exercise but a critical aspect of a surveyor's daily routine. When we talk about a datum, we're essentially referring to the reference point or "zero" point against which all measurements are made. In geodetics, where precision is paramount, this point is crucial for accurate comparisons and measurements.

What is Datum and Why Does it Matter?

In the realm of geodetics, the Earth's surface is no ordinary canvas; it's a complex, undulating ellipsoid. Geodetic coordinates—latitude, longitude, and height above an ellipsoid—find their reference in a geodetic datum. Think of it as the cornerstone that keeps surveyors on track, ensuring consistency in measurements.

Global vs. Local Datums

Not all datums are created equal. Some cast their influence across the entire globe, while others prefer a more localized approach. Geodetic datums are broadly categorized as global or local. Global datums, as the name suggests, cover the entire Earth's surface and are typically fixed to the Earth's center. Notable examples include the World Geodetic System (WGS) and the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF), which undergo periodic updates to reflect the Earth's dynamic nature.

Our SingularPad software also supports both WGS and ITRF datums.

Challenges with Global Datums

Using a global datum like ITRF2014 or WGS84 for GIS data sometimes introduces a challenge—coordination changes over time. The Earth's tectonic plates, on which all surface features rest, are in constant motion. This means that all the objects’ coordinates today will subtly shift if measured in the future, due to the movement of the tectonic plate beneath it.


How do we address this challenge? Enter the concept of a local datum. In the upcoming blog, we'll delve into the specifics of what a local datum is, why it's a crucial tool for surveyors, and how it solves the global datum mobility problem. Stay tuned for a detailed exploration that aims to provide clarity and practical insights into the intricacies of geodetic datums in the realm of surveying.

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