Tech Chat | Choosing the Suitable Autosteer System for Your Farming Needs

Since we released our new SAgro200 autosteer system this month, now we have 3 models of SAgro-Series autosteer systems. In order to make it easier for our users to choose the most suitable one for their farming tasks, today we will introduce the differences and common advantages of our SAgro-Series autosteer systems,

Differences of 3 Autosteer Systems

To provide a comprehensive comparison, let's explore the distinctive features of our three autosteer systems – SAgro100, SAgro150, and the latest addition, SAgro200.

Model Type

SAgro100 Autosteer System

SAgro150 Autosteer System

SAgro200 Autosteer System


Dual-antenna solution

Single-antenna solution

Smart antenna solution

Installation >45min 35min >30min
  • Ultra-low speed mode at 0.15km/h
  • First-gen validated in market,
    performance confirmed.
  • Less components, easier installation
  • Easy replacement of each system component.
  • High integration, less cables, easy installation
  • All-in-one design of Radio, 4G, GNSS, BT
  • Smart antenna design caters to mainstream market demands
  • Complex dual-antenna & crossbar installation
  • Lowest speed at 0.5km/h
  • Lowest speed at 0.5km/h

Common Advantages

Liberate Your Hands From the Wheel:

  • Eliminate the need to focus on driving, reducing fatigue.
  • No tractor driving experience or specialized skills required, minimizing human costs.
  • Enable continuous operation from day to night, ensuring peak efficiency during demanding farming seasons.

Precision Steering with ±2.5cm Accuracy:

  • The SAgro-Series, equipped with a full-constellation GNSS engine, achieves unparalleled ±2.5cm accuracy.
  • Enhance land utilization, conserving resources such as fertilizer, water, and pesticides.
  • Maximize crop cultivation with pinpoint precision.

Versatile Work Modes:

  • SAgro-Series autosteer kits support a variety of work modes tailored for different farm shapes, terrain types, and farming tasks.
  • Modes include Straight line, Curve, Path, U-turn, Pivot, and etc.
  • Farming tasks include ploughing, planting, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting, etc.

Universal Compatibility:

  • Utilizes diverse spline sleeve specifications and a flexible system design for broad compatibility, compatible with various tractor models, brands, implement types, and farming tasks.
  • Supports over 20 languages for a global user base.

Choosing the right autosteer system can significantly increase your working efficiency, especially in unique terrains or with specific crop types. Our commitment to continuous improvement means we will keep upgrading and optimizing our systems to enhance their capabilities while simplifying your tasks.

Learn more about the SAgro-Series autosteer systems and discover how SingularXYZ is revolutionizing precision farming for a sustainable future.

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