Tech Chat | How to Use Galileo HAS?

In the last chapter, we introduced you to the transformative potential of Galileo's High Accuracy Service (HAS). Now, let's delve deeper into how our products seamlessly integrate with HAS, unlocking a new realm of accuracy and efficiency for our users.

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Considerations Before Activating HAS

Before delving into the practical aspects of activating HAS, it's essential to consider two critical points. 

Firstly, HAS offers a 20cm horizontal accuracy, making it suitable for applications such as GIS, vehicle guidance, or agricultural spraying, where high precision isn't mandatory. However, for projects requiring centimeter-level accuracy, we still recommend utilizing the RTK mode for superior results.

Secondly, ensuring compatibility with your device's firmware version is paramount. We advise reaching out to our technical support team to verify if your current firmware supports the HAS functionality before proceeding.

In this blog, we will introduce how to apply HAS mode in SingularXYZ GNSS receivers and agricultural systems.

SingularXYZ GNSS Receivers

SingularXYZ X1-series, Sfaira ONE series and T8 Pro Tablet all support HAS mode. 

1. Connect your SingularXYZ device with SingularPad software.

2. After connection, go to Device >> Communication >> Debug, input the activate command to activate HAS mode. 

Note: Contact to obtain the commands

3. Wait a few minutes for the GNSS device to converge.

SingularXYZ Agricultural Systems

In agricultural settings, SingularXYZ's SAgro-series autosteer systems are primed to leverage the capabilities of HAS mode. Similar to GNSS receivers, activating HAS mode in autosteer kits necessitates inputting specific commands.

Considering the convenience, we suggest SAgro-Series users can contact our support team to remote control the system and activate HAS.


As pioneers in the high precision GNSS industry, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence. By continually updating and refining our products, we aim to provide our users with the ultimate experience in precision and reliability. 

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