Tech Chat | How to Use Receiver IMU as a Compass for Stakeout?

Have you ever encountered challenges when staking out due to a failing controller compass? In such situations, finding the desired point becomes frustratingly difficult despite multiple calibration attempts. However, with SingularXYZ's latest SingularPad software and X1 receiver, this problem is now effectively resolved. This blog will guide you through utilizing the receiver's IMU as a compass for stakeout, ensuring accurate navigation even when traditional compasses fail.

Using Receiver IMU as a Compass

To take advantage of the RTK IMU for stake out, you can kindly follow these steps:

1. Preparation:

  • Ensure that both your X1 receiver and SingularPad software are updated to the latest versions. Or contact SingularXYZ support team for the latest version.
  • Turn on and initialize the IMU function when the RTK is in a fixed status.

2. Configuring Settings:

Access the stakeout interface of the SingularPad software. Go to settings >> Stakeout Setting, select the stakeout reference option as "Device panel azimuth".

3. Implementation:

Make the front panel of the receiver face the forward direction, then return to the stakeout interface and stake out according to the direction prompts in the SingularPad software.

By leveraging the IMU within the X1 receiver through SingularPad software, users can overcome compass failures and confidently stake out with accuracy. Whether in challenging environments or unexpected technical glitches, SingularXYZ solutions ensure reliability and flexibility for your tasks.

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