Tech Chat | How to Add Attributes to Measured Features During Surveys

As GISers and surveyors are familiar with, the geo-features come with a couple of attributes. Some are automatically generated based on the measured coordinates, such as the length of the line and the area of the surface. Others require manual addition based on the specific characteristics of the features, such as the area type, the model of a pipeline or some socio-cultural information. These properties can be used for subsequent data analysis and thematic map creation.

The previous version of our SingularPad supported marking codes for measured features. To meet the evolving needs of users, its latest version update now supports adding more detailed attribute information to each code, streamlining your surveying tasks. Let's explore how this is achieved in this blog post.

First, go to the code library manager and click on the icon at the top to access the content list, where your existing code lists are displayed. Click on "New" to create a new code list. Then, click "Add" to include individual codes one by one, specifying details such as remarks, codes, group names, and so on.

Let's take the example of coding water pipes. Towards the end, there is an option for point attributes. Click on it to add attributes for the water pipe code. Specify the attribute name, remark, field type, and other relevant details. The field type can be chosen according to your requirements. If you select integer value, double value, or text value, you'll need to input it after measuring a point. If you choose a drop-down menu, you'll need to predefine the menu options and select one after measuring a point. If you opt for a checkbox, a checkbox will appear for selection. If you select date-time, a window will prompt you to manually set a date and time.

Once you have finished setting up the codes and attributes, name the code list and apply it. Then, go to the point survey section, select the newly created code, and input the corresponding attributes.

Take advantage of the latest software version to explore these new features!

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