SingularXYZ Introduces Sfaira ONE & X1 Surveying Solution to Tackle CORS Coverage Gaps

Shanghai, China, April 2nd, 2024 – SingularXYZ launched a new surveying solution, integrating the X1-Series as the base station and the Sfaira ONE Series as rovers, to tackle the challenge of limited local CORS coverage for their users.

With the increasing popularity of the Sfaira ONE Series worldwide, some users have encountered difficulties due to the lack of CORS network coverage in their local areas. In response, SingularXYZ has tailored a precision surveying solution to meet the needs of these users. This solution utilizes the X1 Series as a base station to deliver differential data to the Sfaira ONE via SingularXYZ Caster over 4G, enabling RTK fixed solutions and achieving centimeter-level accuracy

In areas where 4G coverage is available but CORS network access is absent or users lack CORS accounts, an alternative method is provided. Users can insert a SIM card into the X1 base station and upload correction data directly to the SingularXYZ Caster. Subsequently, the Sfaira ONE can access RTK correction data from the SingularXYZ caster in PDA CORS work mode, ensuring a fixed RTK solution without dependency on CORS networks or accounts.

Designed as ultra-portable and easy-to-use RTK rovers, the Sfaira ONE Series also offers centimeter-level accuracy, making precise RTK positioning accessible to a broader range of users without significant cost or technical barriers. Additionally, the Sfaira ONE Plus model features 60° tilt surveying capabilities, further enhancing user convenience and versatility.

On the other hand, the X1-Series GNSS receivers serve as reliable base stations guarantees stable & reliable correction data transmission, up to 20hrs working time with internal battery and easy configuration.

Both the Sfaira ONE Series and X1 Series are available for purchase on the SingularXYZ official website. Users can either contact their local SingularXYZ distributor or directly reach out to the company to acquire this innovative surveying solution.

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