Tech Chat | How to Set & Calibrate Base Maps for Your Surveying Tasks?

In various surveying tasks and project scenarios, there are different requirements about the base maps. Tailored to meet such specific needs, SingularPad offers support for a range of base map types, such as Google map, satellite map, OpenStreetMap, CAD basemaps, etc. In today’s blog, we will explore how to set up and calibrate these base maps for optimal use.

1. Map Layer Setting

1.1 Google Maps & OpenStreetMap

As the most basic maps used in surveying, Google maps include standard map and satellite imagery, the standard one is suitable for urban areas, road surveys, etc. and the satellite one is more useful in forest survey and field surveys, etc. The OpenStreetMap is ideal for community mapping, rural surveys, etc.

For these three maps, you can directly select by clicking the map icon in survey or stakeout interface as below.

1.2 WMS Map Setting

And for some specific project requirements, there are customizable WMS Maps that can be connected and applied from the WMS server.
Click the map icon >> WMS Map Setting >> Add, enter or paste the WMS url to connect the map data. Then you can select the map layers you need and save it as a new map.

Back to survey or stakeout interface, you will find the new WMS map appearing in the map list for you to use.

1.3 CAD Basemap Setting

For some construction tasks, there will be existing CAD drawings for precise stakeout.  Go to Project >> Layers Settings to import the CAD files (*. dxf, *.dwg).

Then go to Survey >> CAD stakeout to start your tasks.

2. Map Calibration

Due to the reference difference, there may be an offset between your current receiver position and the map display. In such a situation, you need to do a simple map calibration.

Go to survey interface and click map icon >> Map Calibration. Click Map Point Coordinates to select the correct point displayed on the map, and then move your receiver to the same point and click the measure icon in GNSS Point Coordinates.

The offset between the map and your surveying points will be displayed below, click to apply and you can start you surveying now.

By effectively setting up and calibrating base maps in SingularPad, surveyors can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their surveying tasks. Whether navigating urban environments or conducting rural surveys, the versatility of base maps ensures seamless data collection and analysis. Unlock the full potential of SingularPad and elevate your surveying experience today.

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