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In the previous chapter, we explored various workflows for creating lines within SingularPad software. In this blog, let’s delve into conducting line stakeouts using different methods to cater to diverse tasks.

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SingularPad streamlines line stakeouts with its user-friendly visual aids. By supporting offsets and mileages, it simplifies the process, saving time during post-processing of resulting data.

To initiate a line stakeout, navigate to Survey >> Line Stakeout interface. Here, you can either import line files or generate lines directly by selecting start and end points. Upon selecting the desired line and entering the stakeout interface, click the settings button to define the stakeout methods.

Method 1 – Stakeout By Mileage

In this method, you can directly stakeout to any nodes on the line as you need by entering the mileage (distance from the start point).
For example, if you want to stakeout the start point and end point of the line, you can input the minimum and maximum of the mileage as shown below.

Method 2 – Stakeout By Station Distance

If you need to stake the line by a certain interval distance, you can select the calculation mode as Stakeout by Station Distance. Enter the interval distance according to your needs. In the example below, we entered 5 as an interval, then the software will guide you to stakeout the line by 5 meters interval.

Method 3 – Stakeout By Segment

In this method, you need to enter the number of segmentations. Then the line will be divided into several average segments for you to stakeout.

Method 4 – Stakeout with Offset

In surveying scenarios, marking road pavements or locating linear objects relative to the main survey line is a common task. SingularPad simplifies this with stakeout featuring offsets. Navigate to the road axis and stake out the pavement while guided by the offset plate, ensuring a perpendicular distance from the line.

Upon inputting an offset value, SingularPad generates an auxiliary line parallel to the main line, aiding in stakeout. The distance between the main line and the auxiliary line precisely matches the entered offset value.

Moreover, stakeout by distance and segment is also supported when an offset is specified.

SingularPad offers a versatile suite of tools for line stakeouts, ensuring efficiency and precision in surveying tasks. From pinpointing nodes to staking at intervals, dividing lines, and employing offsets, SingularPad streamlines the process for optimal results. Explore these features to elevate your surveying endeavors with ease and accuracy.

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