Tech Chat | How to Use the Demo Mode of Our SAgro-Series Systems?

Precision agriculture has revolutionized the farming industry, allowing for increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved yields. Our SAgro-Series Autosteer and Guidance Systems are at the forefront of this technological advancement. 

However, there are scenarios where we need to make a demonstration but it's not convenient to install the system on a tractor, such as participating in trade shows, training sessions, system testing, remote demonstration or user familiarization. For these situations, the demo mode can be particularly useful. This blog will guide you through the steps to activate the demo mode.

For SAgro-Series Autosteer Systems:

1. Configure Receiver Type:

Go to system >> Satellite >> Receiver, select the Receiver type as Simulate demo.

2. Configure Sensor Type:

Go to system >> Vehicle >> Sensor Type, select the Sensor type as Encoder.

3. Start Demostration

Then after the system automatically restart, it will be in the demo mode. You can set AB line and click start autosteer in the software.

For Guidance Systems:

1. Obtain Simulation Data: Contact the SingularXYZ Support team to request a simulation data .txt file.

2. Install the File: Copy the .txt file to the root directory of your tablet's home folder.

3. Activate Demo Mode: Reopen the guidance system software and it will enter demo mode automatically.

The demo mode of our SAgro-Series Autosteer and guidance Systems is a versatile tool that enhances the user experience in various contexts. For more information or to request simulation data, please contact our SingularXYZ Support team. Happy farming!

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