Protective, Portable & Precise – SingularXYZ Launched NEW P2 Series For Construction Safety & Surveying

Shanghai, China, June 6, 2024 – SingularXYZ officially launched the P2 Series GNSS receivers via Facebook live, including P2 model for construction safety, personnel tracking and P2 Plus model for surveying. The playback of the online launch live stream can be watched on YouTube.

Building on the success of the SingularXYZ P1 GNSS receiver released in February 2022, the new P2 Series continues the tradition of being Portable, Precise, and Productive, with significant upgrades based on user feedback and market demands.

Protective – Enhanced Safety with Advanced Alerts

Prioritizing construction site safety, the P2 GNSS receiver comes with a range of warning features including warning lights, voice alerts, and vibration alerts, notifying users when they enter dangerous areas, enhancing safety during construction operations. Additionally, the warning light in steady mode provides a visual warning when working at night, further enhancing construction site safety.

Portable – Wearable Design and Ultra-light Weight

The P2's flexible and wearable design ensures user comfort and convenience. It can be worn on the arm, around the neck, attached to a helmet or mounted on a pole, enhancing personnel safety without adding unnecessary burden. Its lightweight design of less than 300 grams makes it ideal for handheld GIS tasks and various positioning applications.

Precise – Full-constellation for Centimeter Accuracy

The P2 Series GNSS receiver features a 1408-channel GNSS engine capable of tracking GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS simultaneously. This ensures consistent and reliable centimeter-level positioning, even in environments with significant obstacles, making it an excellent choice for personnel tracking and precision surveying.

Platform Integration – Open SDK and R&D Support

To facilitate seamless integration into various platforms and systems, SingularXYZ offers extensive SDK documentation and R&D support. This allows for the development of customized functions such as geo-fencing integration, trajectory recording, real-time position tracking, and operation area statistics, making the P2 highly adaptable to various professional needs.

Productive – Plus model Upgraded with 60° Tilt Surveying

Compared with P2, the P2 Plus added an IMU module for up to  60° tilt surveying with only 5 seconds initialization time. When mounted on a range pole, users can also conduct surveying tasks by P2 Plus receiver with higher efficiency, enhancing overall productivity.

Persistent – Long Battery Life and Durable Housing

Powered by a 4000mAh internal battery optimized for low power consumption, the P2 can operate continuously for up to 10 hours. Its rugged IP67-rated enclosure provides robust protection against drops, shocks, and adverse weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in harsh working environments.

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