SingularXYZ Mid-Year Promotion – Y1 GNSS Receiver Buy & Give

Since Y1 GNSS receiver - the first product of SingularXYZ was launched half-year ago, we have received a lot of positive feedback from users all over the world.

To appreciate the trust and support of all our users, SingularXYZ has prepared a cost-saving opportunity for participating users, who will be gifted with free permanent SingularPad licenses, 8" T8 tablets or P1 GNSS receivers. Come and get your ones.

Event Time

July 4th – July 10th

Buy & Give Rules

Y1 GNSS Receiver × 2 Permanent License of SingularPad Software× 1
Y1 GNSS Receiver × 4 8" HD T8 Tablet × 1
Y1 GNSS Receiver × 8  P1 GNSS Receiver × 1

Note: The gifted products cannot be repeated. For example, if you purchase 4 Y1 GNSS receivers, you can choose to get 1 T8 tablet or 2 permanent licenses of SingularPad.

Ways of Participation

During the event, contact us to submit the following information to participate.

  • Personal Information: Name, country, phone, email and company.
  • Order Information: Required Y1 purchase quantity and gift options.

Note: The gifted products will be reserved for 30 days after participation, after which will be invalid.

Contact Details


SingularXYZ reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

About SingularXYZ®

SingularXYZ Intelligent Technology Ltd. is focused on high precision GNSS PNT (Positioning, Navigation & Timing) technology, extending its coverage to horizontal and vertical industries, which mainly include geospatial information, precision agriculture, machine control, robotics, telecommunications, IoT and etc., providing customers with reliable, stable and professional products, solutions and service.