A Cost-effective Choice For Professional Surveying

Full-Constellation, Fixed in Seconds

Full-constellation tough signal tracking, robust anti-interference and advanced RTK algorithm, X1 Lite takes only a few seconds to get a stable fixed solution even in challenging environments like multipath, tree canopy, city canyons, etc.

Smaller, Lighter

Does ultra-versatile mean heavy and bulky? X1 Lite GNSS receiver gives the best answer. With Φ133.5 mm × 67 mm palmed size and 870g light weight, X1 Lite largely lights your burden in while keeping your best surveying experience.

Abundant Transmission

In order to meet different uses, X1 Lite has integrated with NFC/Bluetooth for quick connection, Type-C USB for charging & upgrade, WiFi for web page, TNC connector for internal UHF and RS232 serial port to connect with external radio.

Over 20hrs Operation

Quitting removable batteries, X1 Lite has optimized charging safety, waterproof capability and internal stacking design based on the internal battery design. 3hrs of fast charging via Type-C port can support over 20hrs continuous working time. It can also be charged via power bank, realize charging on-the-go.

Ultra-Long Baseline

Supporting both standard RTCM/CMR correction data transmission, X1 Lite can reach up to 15km range in enhanced internal UHF mode, 20km range in external mode and over 50km via PDA CORS mode.

60° Tilt, 5s Initialization 

Optimized with the new generation of IMU module, you can easily initialize the IMU in just 5 seconds and start tilt measurements up to 60°. One initialization can meet the accuracy requirement of ±2.5cm for the whole work.

Easy Download via Web UI

Accessed via the WiFi of X1 Lite, you can easily login the web page for static data download, firmware upgrade, device status check and configuration. 

IP68 Durable Design

No matter it's rainy or dust weather, or you've accidently drop it onto the concrete or into the water, the durable housing of X1 Lite can always protect your device from damage.

Survey With SingularPad

SingularPad is a professional field software that meets your versatile demands, which can be easily installed on Android devices.