Tech Chat | How to combine total station & RTK receiver surveying?

To obtain higher efficiency, nowadays more and more large-scale projects combine total station and GNSS receivers to complete complex survey tasks. But in this case, the most troublesome thing is the subsequent processing of point data in different coordinate systems. If data problems are found after processing, users may even need to do some re-measurement.

In this blog, we will introduce how to perform both total station and RTK receiver surveys in the same coordinate system through SingularPad software. Post-processing is no longer required, users can view the surveying status in real time and check for problems in time.


Step 1: Set station for total station

Create a new project file in SingularPad and keep the default coordinate system parameters. Turn on the Bluetooth of TS1000 total station, select the Device Type of SingularPad as total station and then connect.

Then you can set station based on the known points.

Step 2: Set coordinate system for GNSS receiver

Switch the Device Type as GNSS and connect the Y1 GNSS receiver to SingularPad. Go to Project >> Localization, use the 3 known points coordinates to transform the geodetic coordinate system to your local system.

Watch the detailed tutorial: SingularPad Tutorial | Localization

Step 3: Start surveying tasks

You can fluently switch between total stations and GNSS receiver for surveying. The surveying points of both will be in the same local coordinate system, users can easily export the data in various formats, such as *.csv, *.dxf, *.txt, etc.

Learn more about our TS1000 total station and field software SingularPad

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