Smallest At The Same Level – SingularXYZ Launched Xtraordinary X1-Series GNSS Receivers to Meet Different User Needs

Shanghai, China, August 15th, 2023 – SingularXYZ officially launched the Xtraordinary X1-series GNSS receivers, including X1 and X1 Lite two models to meet your needs at different levels. The playback of the online launch can be watched on YouTube.

Inheriting the concept from the all-round Y1 GNSS receiver, the X1 series has made greater efforts to balance the functionality, size and cost. In the case of fully optimizing its comprehensive performance, the size of X1-series is also made as small as possible. In addition, considering the different levels of user needs, SingularXYZ team found it important to provide users with more choices. The X1-series includes 3 models for your different types of needs. Among them, X1 and X1 Lite were officially released yesterday, and the X1 Pro will be online next month.

When optimizing the performance of the X1 series, SingularXYZ team focused on not only the performance of each module, but also the stability of the entire system. X1-series adopts Linux OS, which improves the stability of the system and the synergistic compatibility of each module. On the basis of this stable core processing, the R& D team has improved the performance of satellite tracking, IMU, battery, etc.

In order to offer users a more reliable and fast fixed solution in various environments, the R&D has optimized the structure design of the shielding cavity and the antenna selection, which greatly improves the satellite signal quality. After a comparison test with some full-constellation receivers in the market. The average SNR of X1-sereis is higher for 1-2 db. Also, to improve the surveying efficiency, the IMU initialization process of X1-series has been largely simplified. Only once 5 second initialization can support whole day surveying tasks.

Another difference of X1-series is the battery design. Quitting removable batteries, X1 has optimized charging safety, waterproof capability and internal stacking design based on the internal battery design. 2.5 hours of fast charging via Type-C interface can support over 20 hours continuous working time. It can also be charged via power bank, realize charging on-the-go.

As a powerful full-featured GNSS receiver, the X1 series also shows extraordinary strength in other aspects. Complete work modes with ultra-long baseline range, comprehensive web UI accessed via WiFi, IP68 protection level and rugged housing, abundant and flexible transmission, etc., satisfying different user needs.

Compared with X1, the X1 Lite lacks the 4G module but it is a more cost-effective choice. For radio mode users, X1 Lite has the same performance as X1. For CORS users, you can use the PDA CORS mode of X1 Lite instead of internal GSM mode.

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