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In the realm of GNSS applications, beyond Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying, static surveys play a crucial role. Often, the raw static data recorded by GNSS receivers is stored in a binary format to optimize storage space. However, for post-processing, the industry-standard RINEX format proves to be more readable and is widely employed in various static post-processing software. Today, let's delve into a useful tool, SingularConverter, designed specifically to convert binary data in the *.xyz format to RINEX data.

Introducing SingularConverter

SingularXYZ GNSS receivers, such as SV100-series and X1-series, default to using the *.xyz binary format for recording static data. And SingularConverter acts as the bridge between the compact XYZ format and the industry-standard RINEX format. This user-friendly tool simplifies the conversion process, making it accessible to both novices and experienced users in the GNSS field.

Using SingularConverter

Step 1: Run the Software

- Upon launching SingularConverter, the user is greeted with a simple and intuitive interface.

Step 2: Open the File

- Click "Select File" to select the XYZ format file for conversion.

Note: Avoid using non-English characters in the file path, as it may result in an empty output file.

Step 3: Save the Converted Data

- Click the file folder icon  to choose the destination for the converted RINEX file.

Note: Similar to input, the output file path should not contain non-English characters.

Step 4: Input Station Information

- Click "set" button to view and modify file information, such as the antenna type and measure type for accurate data conversion. Click "Confrim" to complete editing.

Step 5: Convert Data

- Click "Convert" button to run the conversion.

Step 6: Access Converted Files

- After conversion, locate the corresponding file in the chosen save path.

SingularConverter streamlines the process of converting GNSS data, ensuring compatibility and accessibility for various post-processing applications in the industry. You can directly contact SingularXYZ support team for this useful tool.

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Tourists apply

How do I download the software. Using Singularpad with Safaira, I see .raw and .rw5 files? Are these the .xyz file equivalent?

admin apply

Hi, you can contact our support team to get the software
The .raw and .rw5 formats are not for static data, which are not equivalent as .xyz file.
Btw, the Sfaira ONE is mainly for RTK rover and doesn't support static survey. We recommand the X1-Series for static survey.

Tourists apply

how to download this software?

admin apply

Hi, you can contact our support team to get the software